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Monday, January 25, 2010

Random things

This is what I see sitting next to my Keurig coffee machine in the morning. It makes me happy :)

Just before Christmas, my husband painted our dining room. It went from this:

to this:

I like the after SO much better. The whole area is so much brighter and seems larger. For the record though, my favorite bright color is red. Once when I was watching Color Splash on HGTV, the host David Bromstad said to never paint a whole room your favorite color. It's too overpowering. Instead, use that color in your accents. I thought that was interesting coming from the host of a show called Color Splash!

I never got to show these Christmas stockings I made before Christmas. I had a whole bunch of Christmas decoration pictures to post, but never got around to joining any of the linky parties during the holidays. Hopefully I will this Christmas!
The stockings were sewn out of a painters drop cloth I got from Home Depot. I washed it a few times and used lots of fabric softener to soften the fabric. They turned out really nice, though they started out to be much simpler and shabby. I just had to add the decorative cuff though. It was the first Christmas in quite a while that we've had "real" stockings. I made a template for the stocking by tracing one of those red furry stockings you can buy at Walgreens for .99 cents. I loved sewing with the drop cloth, and plan to do several more projects with the leftovers.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

What I've been up too

This. This is what's been occupying my time lately.I have to tell you I love it!!
I bought this for myself as an early Christmas present at the end of November. For the first week it sat on my table completely untouched. My husband asked me why I needed to buy it if it was going to sit on my table. The truth was, I was so intimidated by this piece of machinery!I was afraid to even turn it on. The sewing machine I had prior to this one was a small mini blue machine that I bought from Sears for about $50. I bought it solely for the purpose of sewing on cards and scrapbook layouts. I think I used it in that capacity for maybe a month or two. Then I never touched it again.
I can hardly be described as a seamstress. I call myself a "survival sewer". Everything I know was self taught. And that isn't a whole lot! I have never sewn a button hole or a zipper. But I can sew a pretty straight line if I have to! I can't follow a pattern to save my own life. I actually do pretty good sewing from my mind's eye. In the past I've sewn window treatments, a bed covering, embellished towels, etc. Lately I've been reading alot of sewing and quilting blogs. I have seriously been bitten by the quilting bug. I made a quilted rag purse a couple weeks ago. And I made a lap quilt for my youngest son for Christmas.

The lap quilt is FAR from perfect, but overall, it's not too bad for a first timer who was under a time crunch. My son loves his quilt and I enjoyed making it for him.My oldest son asked if I would make one for him too. I have so many other quilting projects I want to make. I am in deep I think! Now I just have to figure out how to afford 2 spendy hobbies at once!
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