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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thanksgiving card

Here is a Thanksgiving card I made to send to family members I won't see at Thanksgiving.

This is a notepad I made to write down all my lists that I use to keep myself organized for a big event like Thanksgiving. It's slim enough to fit in my purse so I have it close at hand if I need to jot something down.

On the inside there is a little pocket to keep receipts or other things in one place so I don't lose them. Both the card and the notepad are super easy to make. The notepads make great gifts for teachers, friends and neighbors.

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  1. I love the card and the notebook. I'm sure your loved one's will enjoy receiveing this card. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great idea and they both turned out cute. I've never sent Thanksgiving cards, but this is inspiring me to. Have a great day!

    pk @ ROOM REMIX

  3. How nice of you to send cards out to your absent family members! They're very cute :).

  4. That looks great! I hadn't thought of doing Thanksgiving cards!