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Monday, November 16, 2009

What to do?

When I found this awesome cloche and urn at one of my favorite local 2nd hand stores, I was SO happy!! I fell in love with it immediately. Then I committed the cardinal sin of shopping. I left it in the shop and went home!!! Now of course you all know I thought of this incredible piece ALL night! The next morning I went as quickly as I could to the shop, all the way thinking someone else had seen it and taken it home. When I got there, there it was! I felt at that moment I was meant to have it, I suppose to rationalize me paying what I did for it. It wasn't horrible expensive, but more than I usually will spend on a whim. But, it was MINE!! The saleslady asked me what I was going to do with it. I told her I was going to put seasonal items in it and change it every season. I got it home and filled it with polished stones. The concrete urn is quite deep, so I needed something to fill it up. Then I used some knobby starfish and then some sea stars on top. I love this and have had it on my dining room table since early summer.It's very large and very heavy. I know I am way late on my autumn decorating. And part of the reason is I can't bear to put my sea stars away!!
I love how they look in here. Maybe any of you reading could give me some ideas of what to put in my urn and cloche. I'd love some inspiration!!

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